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- HELLFIGHTER - Un pipistrello chiede ad un altro: -"qual'è stato il periodo più difficile della tua vita?" -"... quando ho avuto la diarrea per tre giorni di fila."
- GAMERA III - 372 kb Sucate mostri!
- LUPIN III - 750 kb - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- TETSUO - 900 kb A very short video from "Tetsuo - the bodyhammer" by Shinya Tsukamoto. (qt)
- THE GHOST IN THE SHELL -758 kb A short video .(avi)
- INVADER - 5 kb The classic game in a PC version. EGA graphic and sounds.
- KYODAI - Nice oina game. In the oeae there are saeae esos that are very batfl and a feae, small (50k) esn at the oto of the wrld.
- HEX - 96 kb A little, useful program to convert colors from RGB values to hexadecimals.
All these files are from the Internet and, supposely free. If anybody thinks to have some rights on any of them, please just let me know it, and I'll remove them from here. home